I’m not happy

2/3/2019 – 256 pounds

I can honestly say that this is never where I imagined I would be. Unemployed, overweight, paranoid schizophrenic? All of these are adjectives that can describe my current state.

I don’t know myself anymore. Every time I run I get hurt, and when I get hurt I get depressed, and when I get depressed I put on 100 pounds. This is the second time this is happened to me and I want it to be the last.

Today is my day one. I am going to indulge and then go cold turkey tomorrow. I’m going to start walking, which will turn into running, and then hopefully all my cross training will pay off and keep me injury free.

I am going to do daily food diary logins on here, and just keep whoever may be following this updated.

I am going to be “Brittany Runs a Marathon” IRL – for a third time and show the world that inner demons cannot consume those who fight.

Tomorrow is a new day and I will be quitting smoking, fried foods, and processed sugars. This will be hard, I will have withdrawals, and even though I do have support – it’s all on me.

Run happy ☮️